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Professional Biographies

by Karen Watson on November 28, 2013

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What is a Professional Biography?

A professional biography is by far one of the most powerful marketing tools which represents a perfect opportunity to define your professional image. It is a brief history or an overview exhibiting your educational background, work experience, expertise, as well as special skills and achievements.Since it is necessary for every business owner and is utilized to introduce you and your credentials to potential clients, its importance should not be overlooked and great care must be taken while crafting it. While every little piece of information regarding you is important, it is critical to craft an excellently drafted and a highly polished professional biography.

What is the reader looking for in a professional biography?

*Readers are interested not only in the work you do but also in the type of clients you serve. You need to mention this in a sentence or two.

*Awards received by you, key accomplishments and the contributions made must be listed boldly. Readers understand your caliber and special talents.

*List the names of clubs, associations, and organizations to which you belong. These can lead to interesting business opportunities.

*All professional designations, certifications, and if any additional training received by you should be mentioned. This helps to give more weight to the biography.

*Biographies should also include all written assignments whether self-published or not, articles, books, e-books, or e-courses done by you. These add up to your level of credibility and professionalism.

*If you have featured or have been mentioned in a newspaper article, been a guest on television or anything such which is media related, you need to include this in the biography. Readers are usually impressed by this fact.

Tips to be followed:

*Keep the length of your biography short and don’t go beyond a few paragraphs to a single page or less. This makes it easier to skim through.

*Make sure to use the third person while writing the biography. It not only sounds professional but it also appears to be written by someone other than you.

*Include your complete contact information and mentioned this in the last paragraph in order that it is easily located.

*Once you have completed the biography and believe that it is ready with all the required information, perform several revisions thoroughly in order to make it perfect. Keep the sentences in varied lengths, make use of impactful words, eliminate words that you can do without, and so on. Also it would greatly help if you could show it to a number of people for their valuable inputs. Keep your biography updated and refreshed all the time.

Having a well written professional biography is very important and can open up several opportunities. Given this, it is not only important to have an informative one, but one which is professionally drafted keeping in mind all the above points. This will make all the difference in your career history

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