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Relocation Resume and Cover Letter Tips

by admin on December 18, 2013

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Thinking of relocating? You may wish to relocate to a new city and get a new job for any reason, be it career advancement, health issues or you may just want to be near family and friends. Whatever the grounds for relocating, conducting a long distance job search may seem tremendously challenging as well as overwhelming at first. Being thoroughly aware of the complexity of the situation and by understanding and strategizing your methods to deal with it, success will not be far.


Employer’s point of view:

Employers generally do not prefer to take on potential relocation costs. In fact they would rather interview in-town candidates first than bear the cost of flying someone down. Moreover, telephone interviews have their own set of disadvantages which employers wish to avoid. Another thought that could cross the mind of the recruiter is whether you will be able to make the move quickly. Unless it is for a very senior post or the position is very difficult to fill, employers will rarely consider your case. Hence, the competition is basically between you and the local candidates. But do people not relocate? It is difficult and the competition is very tough, but by keeping certain things in mind, you can be one of those candidates who are flown to another country just for an interview!

Handling resume and cover letter issues:


  • Make sure to design your resume in a very professional and strategic manner. Showcase your skills, achievements and unique abilities in the best possible manner. Also, make sure to include an alternate local address (it could be a friends or a relatives address), so that it increases your chances of being called for an interview. Through your design strategy, use of effective language, and content arrangement you can create a winning resume for yourself.
  • Cover letters can be a great help in this situation. Use it to clearly state your interests and reasons for relocation. Be honest but keep it concise. Give a personal touch to the cover letter and demonstrate your special motivation to work for the prospective employer. Remember that the format and address here should match with that of the resume.

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