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Role of Your Resume in Your Job Search

by admin on October 16, 2013

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A resume is the primary and one of the most important factors in a job search. It can be considered as the first meeting between you and the prospective employer and hence serves as a promotional brochure, providing insight into your education, experience, accomplishments and skills. You may just have all of the necessary skills and an extraordinary list of achievements, but if you cannot get that across to an employer, it would be of no good. You must for all reasons think of yourself as a salesman when applying for a job and use your resume as an effective instrument to advertise your talents and potential.

Resumes are used to project your abilities and convey the message that you are the perfect ‘fit’ for the position being applied for. Your strategy must then be to craft it in such a manner that it is tremendously powerful in convincing the reader to call you for an interview. Hence, getting attention should be the chief motive while writing your resume. Employer’s while reading it must think it absolutely essential to get to know you better. The professional presentation that is offered by your resume needs to stand out and portray a unique picture about you in the mind of employers.

Creating a Resume

Creating a resume is by and large an art and a lot of thought needs to be put into it to create an outstanding picture of the person for whom it is being made. Since your resume represents an introduction of you, you need to take extreme care that it reflects the actual ‘you’ and remember to maintain that picture while at an interview. Having a personal style is very important but consistently maintaining that style throughout the resume and interview is far more important. Your resume defines you and so should by all means match your character and temperament. Your job prospects depends on your abilities, but your chances of getting an opportunity to display those abilities can be improved by getting yourself a perfect resume which best suits you in every respect.

Since a resume serves as a guide to employers to follow your progression of both educational background and work experience, it should be both accurate as well as appealing. You have complete control over whatever the employer should know about you and hence you should never falsify information, but instead utilize a method whereby you emphasize the positive aspects and de-emphasize the negative aspects of your credentials. Keep it concise, use powerful words, make the most of your experience, eliminate superfluous details, give it an attractive format and a good font, and see to it that it portrays the real ‘you’. Once you have done this, you are ready to make a lasting and profound impression on the employer.

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